Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Vine

Wine mine time...

You are mine.. I love when you look at my one eye.. with your pensive eyes. When your nose goes all over me, it's like the key that gets my motor going. Then You kiss me and that is my fuel.

I loved last night, I love knowing every bit about you from the good to the bad.. it all makes me love you even more then I know how to express. My mouth and heart can't express it, your so big and dear to me. I loved talking about Adam and how you feel for him. I loved sitting outside with you drunk, feeling Arthurs presence in the rain. Crying, cause I just imagine all the time Arthur and who he was to You and what you were to him. I think of how he died and how a piece of you died.. and the thought of that? a piece of you dying?... breaks my heart for You. He is a big part of us, I hope it's not weird to say... but I want to talk about him all the time. For his spirit to live and for you to feel him still.

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